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What is it?

BigfootCSS is a 22k uncompressed / 6k compressed CSS stylesheet that can be used to aid you in the styling of your web pages. It is a collection of real world CSS classes, box model fixes, generic classes for various common styles, standard Ad sizes, and a solid browser reset based on Eric Meyer’s CSS reset. It can be applied to the whole page, or it can simply be applied to a particular element within the page and its children. This latter option is very useful for CMS module development as it makes it easy to style just your module without being affected by or affecting the host page.

If you have written a module that sits inside of DotNetNuke, WordPress, Jumla, etc. you know what I mean. You can’t control the skin in which your module runs, but you have to provide a reasonable amount of protection to ensure the proper layout of your module. You must also be a good citizen of the ecosystem and not allow your styles to bleed into the rest of the skin. BigfootCSS solves this problem very easily by only targeting elements with a certain id.

For a complete list of what's included and how to use it click here

To view a demo click here

New in Version 1.1

1. Exteded the reset to cover HTML5 elements
2. Added defalt styles to html5 element for lower end browsers
3. Added default styles for print media
4. Added button style equalizer
5. Added bicubic image processing in IE7
6. Fixed legend rendering in IE7
7. Fixed input label alignment

Many thanks to Paul Irish the creator of the template.

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